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Beesket® is a healthy, active lifestyle brand owned by Beesket® Global Inc (“BGI”).  As the first company to introduce a do-it-yourself (DIY) ordering platform using infrared technology and proprietary software in the world, BGI is currently offering master and territorial franchises outside of Korea.

BGI was incorporated in Korea in 2012 to market the concept and its first store was opened in 2013.  BGI currently operates three (3) and constructing two (2) company-owned stores in Korea.  BGI’s master franchisee in Singapore is planning to open up its first store in February 2015 and have four (4) franchised BEESKET stores by end of 2015.  BGI is in advance discussion for Philippines, Indonesia, and China in Asia while the plan is partner with a leading F&B company for the North and South American market.

Beesket® concept not only provides a natural and healthy juice and smoothies but more importantly, delivers a unique one of kind ordering experience. Using a proprietary technology, the customer would be able to order any combination of fruits and vegetables to be made into juices or smoothies in a very user friendly and seamless process.

Beesket® is the first do-it-yourself ordering platform for the Food and Beverage industry which uses the radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. The customer is able to order any combination of fruits and vegetables based on the geography, seasonality, and as well as availability of the fruits or vegetables in the selected market.

As shown in below figure, the customer would approach the Beesket® Island and select the types of drink the he or she prefers (Steps 1 and 2). The customer would then choose the types of fruits or vegetables (Step 3). Alternatively the customer can select from pre-made Beesket® pods such as popular drinks or request customers choices from previous visits by providing a “Score Card”. The customer than places the completed Beesket® pod on the scanner (Step 4) which displays the nutrition information and the price (Step 5). Finally, the customer receives his order after it is prepared (Step 6).

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There are numerous scientific studies demonstrating that certain fruits and vegetables have specific health benefits such as Vitamin A (from carrots) for vision and anti-oxidants (from Pomegranates). The customer would receive a Score Card of his drink showing the amount of key vitamins and minerals. More importantly, suggested combinations are provided so customers can make an informed choice.

Beesket® is a portmanteau of “Bee” and “Basket” which is to visualize the idea of fresh fruits and vegetables being visited by bees similar to what a customer will be doing at a Beesket® Store, collecting the fruit and vegetables to be blended into a healthy and all natural smoothie, yogurt or juice (“ade” in Korea market). The Figure  shows a close up of the completed Beesket® pods.

beesket cap2

In addition to the core products, a Beesket® Store offers complementary line of specialty sandwiches and light meals as well as premium tea and coffee. We expect to develop a local line of food items and drinks, working with local F&B companies. These non-Beesket product line represents a significant contribution to the profit margin of the company.

Also, Beesket® Korea has a number of promotional items which can be used as gifts as well as souvenirs. With influx of so many tourists to UAE, these items will play an important marketing role with addition of UAE/Dubai themed cross marketing. Some of the promotional items include: mugs/cups, magnets, miniature Beesket® pods, and Beesket® toys.

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