Challenge Chambers


Shop no. 16 | First Floor

Want to do something more than a board game but less than wall climbing? Spend time with your friends or choose a family friendly activity? On a date of two or with a group of tourists? Challenge Chambers is the place to be – one that will deliver endless amusement and even exhilaration for the competitive souls.

Challenge Chambers is a ”Real-Life Escape Game” where players end up being locked in a small room under mysterious circumstances. The objective is to solve the mystery by finding hidden objects, answering riddles and solving puzzles by connecting the missing links. Players will have to use their intellect, intuition and their sixth sense (sometimes J) to make a successful escape and thus win the challenge. Unfortunately players do not have all the time in the world to do that!

The feature which distinguishes the game is that the players are inside the game; they can touch the objects, see the real world which has been spun around them and feel the pressure. Each room has a set theme and a storyline which is steered by a Challenge Master. The games are offered in English as well as Arabic language and are suitable for Family & Friends, Gamers & Geeks, Corporate team Building as well as Students & Teachers.


Challenge Chambers will shortly showcase the following unique games. “Trapped” (our 30 minute room) is a trailer of what the real Challenge Chambers experience has to offer. For those who are feeling adventurous and want to live through the real Challenge Chambers experience, we offer “The Escape Challenge” and “The Mystery Challenge” (our 60 minute rooms).

“The Mystery Challenge” is offered in two identical rooms so that you can challenge your friends/colleagues to ‘a head to head’ game by booking two identical time slots.

Watch this space as more fun is coming soon!


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