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Shop no. 5 | First Floor

Sneakers Paris was established in October 2013 entrenched in the first district of Chatelet, Paris, France. Inspired by the bustling city of New York and its concept of brick-and-mortar sneaker stores, Sneakers Paris’ vehemence to give premium service to customers gained the support of international suppliers known for their prestigious brands namely, Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Puma & Asics.

It is through the sneaker collectors’ patronage that Sneakers Paris had its chance to be in the limelight within the sneaker society and unlocked an opportunity to duplicate itself in the 8th district of Paris in July 2014. Exactly a year after, July 2015, a brand new conceptual shop was developed and was named “Lab”, now serving customers all over the world located right in front of the first historical Sneaker Paris Shop was built.

The tenacity of Sneaker Paris to it’s vision of giving birth to more shops while maintaining prestige in both product and customer service have just been materialized bringing it to the cosmopolitan city of Dubai. An inviting feel of Paris in a shop within the heart of the city giving you only the best, limited and elite sneakers you won’t find anywhere else. Opening 2nd week of February 2016. World’s best place to sole search.

Welcome to Sneakers Paris Dubai!

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