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AquaFIT Fitness Center is the first dedicated individual spa-biking center in UAE, a fitness revolution that is taking Europe by storm.

AquaFIT proudly introduces its unique Spa-Bike that allows users to practice aqua biking in the comfort of individual cabins.

It is a renowned fact that cycling is one of the most effective and healthiest cardio workouts. On the other hand, the healing and fat burning properties of water are also well documented and proven. Initially invented for rehabilitation and physiotherapy, AquaFIT is today aimed for both workouts and overall wellbeing. The reasons for its tremendous success are easy to understand. In addition to numerous undeniable health benefits, this product is now regarded as the best form of remedy for cellulite eradication. Each machine has 16 hydro-massage jets for cellulite drainage, which contributes to reshaping the lower body and abdominals. Every session equates to 3-4 regular work out sessions within a similar time span and delivers purified and firm skin, thanks to the micro-peeling effect from the jet power. Since the exercise is within a private chamber, elements of Chromo-therapy are also added via embedded LED, making it a relaxing experience for the body and mind.

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