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Shop no. 25 | Ground Floor

Born from a passion for and obsession with perfumery, Hind Al Oud is a unique luxury brand offering the richest quality of perfumes, oils, dokhoons and ouds presented in a modern elegant image, to combine distinctive, cultured scents with sophistication and beauty.

Crafted with the highest quality natural and rare ingredients from around the world, Hind Al Oud perfumes provide the ultimate luxury and were the original realization of Mohamed Hilal’s passion and inspiration. Believing that success lies in creating a niche for oneself, he created his own niche in traditional perfumery: Hind Al Oud, which received formal recognition as “Best Traditional Niche Fragrances” by the Economic Department of Dubai. More recently, in 2014, in the FIFI Arabia Fragrance Awards, prestigious gift set Royal Lux took the newest title of Oriental Set of the Year.

Hind Al Oud offers a collection of engaging perfumes for every man and woman who knows what they want and who have always striven to achieve their goals.

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